Sports and Outdoors Items custom imprinted with your logo for Handouts and Trade Show Giveaways

Sports and Outdoors Items imprinted with your logo are very useful Promotional Products that can be used to promote your business, organization or team, increase awareness of your cause or can be used as handouts at trade shows or other events to increase attendance and traffic. They also can be used in employee health promotions.

We offer many different types of custom imprinted Sports and Outdoors Items including:

General Sports and Outdoor Items: Flyers, Sunglasses, Sunscreen

Balls: Baseball, Basketball, Football, Hockey, Soccer, Golf

Binoculars: Opera Binoculars, Sports Binoculars, Mini

Blankets: Stadium Blankets, Park Blankets, Picnic Blankets, Sweatshirt Blanket, Blanket Tote

Camping: Folding Chairs, Camp Lights, Lanterns, Knife, Grills

Chairs: Folding Chairs, Insulated Cooler Chairs, Campsite Chairs, Loungers, Reclining

Compasses: Compass Keyrings, Compasss Whistle

Cushions: Stadium Cushions, Foam Seats, Padded Seats

Fishing: Bug Spray, Tripod Seats, Odor Proof Bag, Fisher Hats

Fitness: Infusers, Wrist Bands, Exercise Kits

Insulated Bags: Cooler Bags, Cooler Totes, Beverage Coolers, Coolr Backpacks

Mats: Yoga Mats, Beach Mats

Pedometers: Bluetooth, Step, Trainer, Jogger

Radios: Headphones, Speakers, FM Radios, Splitters

Team Spirit: Fans, Foam Hands, Megaphones, Noise Makers, Pom Poms

Towels: Golf, Cooling Towels

Umbrellas: Golf Umbrellas, Auto Folding, Vented, Plastic Handle, Wood Handle, Compact

Whistles: Whistle Key Rings, Metal Whistles, Emergency Whistles, Plastic

Many decoration and imprint methods are used on Sports and Outdoors Items including Silkscreening, Pad Printing, Embroidery, Embossing and Engraving to just name a few. These types of decoration may require extra run charges, so be sure to discuss your needs with our Promotional Products Specialists.

Here are some popular questions:

Q: Where can I buy custom imprinted Sports and Outdoors Items with my company logo?

A:  That's easy!  Give us a call at 800-923-8878 and talk to one of our Promotional Products Specialist.  We will make the whole process as easy as possible.

Q: I need custom imprinted Sports and Outdoors Items fast. Can I get rush imprinted Sports and Outdoors Items?

A:  In most cases our Promotional Products Specialist can arrange 24 Hour Rush Production and 48 Hour Rush Production with our Sports and Outdoors Suppliers.  Give us a call at 800-923-8878 ASAP.  In rush situations every hour can be important so the earlier you contact us, the better the chances are that we can help you.  For more information read more about our production and turnaround times.

Production and Turnaround Times:

The production time for our Sports and Outdoors Items depends on the product you are choosing. We have Preferred Vendors located all across the United States including: Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and King of Prussia in Pennsylvania, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Jose in California, Miami in Florida, Dallas, Houston and San Antonio in Texas, Phoenix and Tucson in Arizona and Chicago, Illinois. Many of our vendors located in the cities listed above can produce the products you need in 24 to 48 hours. Others need a lead time of 3 Days or more. Please check the Production Time notes that are included with every product in our catalog. Contact our Promotional Products Specialist with any questions or Rush Requests you may have.

Rush Production is also available for Las Vegas, Boston, St. Louis, Baltimore and New York City. Check out our Rush Production section for more details.