Games, Toys and Fun Items custom imprinted with your logo for Handouts and Trade Show Giveaways

Games, Toys and Fun Items imprinted with your logo are very useful Promotional Products that can be used to promote your business, are effective items to publicize your event or cause, or can be used as a targeted tradeshow gift to help attract prospects to your booth.

We offer many different types of custom imprinted Games, Toys and Fun Items including:

Toy Airplanes: Paper Air Planes, Paper Gliders

Balls: Beach Balls, Plastic Footballs, Gym Ball, Vinyl Footballs, Pillow Balls

Games: Bean Bag Games, Multi Game Sets

Flyers: 9" Flyers, Mini Flyers, Flexible Flyers, Nylon Flyers, Pet Safe Flyers

Inflatables: Beach Balls and Balloons, Thunder Sticks 

Kites: Aviator Kites

Puzzles: Scrambler Puzzles, Twist Puzzles, Cubes, Towers

Stuffed Animals: Bears, Horse, Dolphin, Beanie, Turtle, Sheep

Tattoos: Custom Tattoos, Various Designs and Themes

Yo-Yos: Classic, Glow in the Dark, Light Up, Flashing, Bungee

Many decoration and imprint methods are used on Games, Toys and Fun Item including Silkscreening, Pad Printing and Engraving to just name a few. These types of decoration may require extra run charges, so be sure to discuss your needs with our Promotional Products Specialists.

Here are some popular questions:

Q: Where can I buy custom imprinted games, toys and fun items with my company logo?

A:  That's easy!  Give us a call at 800-923-8878 and talk to one of our Promotional Products Specialist.  We will make the whole process as easy as possible.

Q: I need custom imprinted games, toys and fun items fast. Can I get rush imprinted games, toys and fun items?

A:  In most cases our Promotional Products Specialist can arrange 24 Hour Rush Production and 48 Hour Rush Production with our games, toys and fun item Suppliers.  Give us a call at 800-923-8878 ASAP.  In rush situations every hour can be important so the earlier you contact us, the better the chances are that we can help you.  For more information read more about our production and turnaround times.

Production and Turnaround Times:

The production time for our Games, Toys and Fun Items depends on the product you are choosing. We have Preferred Vendors located all across the United States including: Jericho, New York and Bridgeport in Connecticut, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and King of Prussia in Pennsylvania, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Jose in California, Miami in Florida, Dallas, Hoston and San Antonio in Texas, Phoenix and Tucson in Arizona. Many of our vendors located in the cities listed above can produce the products you need in 24 to 48 hours. Others need a lead time of 3 Days or more. Please check the Production Time notes that included with every product in our catalog. Contact our Promotional Products Specialist with any questions or Rush Requests you may have.

Rush Production is also available for Las Vegas, Boston, St. Louis, Baltimore and Chicago. Check out our Rush Production section for more details.