Popular Uses for Promotional Products

Whether used as a standalone medium or part of an integrated communications campaign, promotional products are one of the most effective forms of advertising. Promotional products are a sensory medium. Adding a message to a product turns an ordinary message into a marketing experience an audience can smell, taste, see, hear and touch. They are the most tangible and long-lasting form of advertising with inherent attributes like no other, fulfilling a brand’s need for social, intellectual, and educational engagement and entertainment. The promotional products industry offers incredible products and creative client services—and combined they are invaluable!

List of the most popular uses for Promotional Products:

• Brand awareness
• Trade shows 
• New account/account generation
• Dealer/distributor incentives
• Public relations
• Employee relations and events
• Not-for-profit programs
• New product/service introductions
• Employee service awards
• Customer referrals
• Internal promotions
• Safety education/incentive
• Marketing research

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