List of the Most Popular Decoration Methods of Promotional Products


Digital Printing:

Prints much like a desktop printer. Used mostly with textiles and paper.

Embossing and Debossing:

Raises or depresses image. Used with leather, paper and vinyl products.


Sews thread to create letters or images. Used with all types of apparel and other textiles.

Heat Transfer:

Transfer of image to certain fabrics using heat. Used mostly with T-Shirts, polos and bags.

Hot Stamping:

Dry method uses heated die and foil to transfer graphics. Used mostly with leather and some vinyl products.

Laser Etching:

Laser is used to burn a tonal imprint. Can be used on light colored fabrics but mostly glassware.

Pad Printing:

Ink is transfered from a plate to the product using a silicone pad. Can be used on almost any surface and shape.

Screen Printing:

Ink is forced through a screen to transfer an image. Used on apparel, plastics, ceramics and glassware.


Image transfer of special heat-sensitive inks from paper to plastic. Used for apparel and mugs.

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