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Here you will find many suggestions and tips to help make your Trade Show a success but we recommend that you simply call us at 800-923-8878 and let us do the work for you.  Isn't your schedule busy enough?  Let our team do the legwork for you. We will suggest products and giveaways, take care of the shipping and work within the budget you have set aside for the show.

Thousands of trade shows take place across the United States year after year. These conventions offer the exhibting businesses the oportunity to interact with current customers, attract prospects and introduce new products and services.  It's important to make an impression at these tradeshows because if you don't, your competition will. Our company will help you choose a tradeshow giveaway that will increase booth traffic, attract the right prospects and serve as reminders to contact you after the convention or expo is over.

Choosing the Right Trade Show Giveaways

There are so many things that you and your company need to consider when purchasing promotional products to use as TradeShow Giveaways: 

These are just some of the questions that our Promotional Products Specialist will help you answer.  On this page we will provide some general tips and suggestions, but YOUR goals and needs will be much different than other companies, so we handle each customer and client as unique and will submit unique product proposals, offer creative trade show giveaway suggestions and provide insights on ways to reach your show goals.

Tradeshow Giveaway Tips, Facts and Suggestions:

Tip: Have booth visitors fill out a lead form before you offer the giveaway.

Tip: Don't stack your entire supply of giveaways on the table for just anyone to take

Tip: When possible, include web address, phone number or other contact info to increase recall after the show

Tip:  The size of the giveaway is usually quite important.  Will the attendee have room in their luggage for it?  Also, will the shipping costs fit your budget for the show?  Is it breakable?

Tip: Including a promotional product with a pre-show mailing or an offer of a promotional product increases the likelihood of an attendee stopping by your tradeshow booth.

Trade Show Booth Displays:

Our company also provides all types of trade show booth display options. Click here to view some of our more popular options.

Rush Promotional Product Services and Production Times:

If you need your promotional products produced in a rush, we may be able to help.  We have suppliers across the United States that have 24 hour and 48 hour production schedules. 

For normal turnaround times, We have suppliers located all across the United States, so we can help you pick the perfect products for your event or purposes.


Call 800-923-8878 and speak to one of our Promotional Product Specialists. We are ready to help you!


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