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The San Francisco, Bay area is the commercial, cultural and financial center of northern California.  The economy of the city is quite diverse with the population employed by a wide range of sectors including; Financial Services, tourism, education and healthcare, government services and professional business services.  San Francisco also features the corporate offices of many world companies and the area is a leading user of promotional products, trade show giveaways and executive gifts as an important part of both their marketing mix and enhancing their corporate identities.



Trade shows and trade show giveaways used in San Francisco, California
San Francisco attracts visitors from all over the world.  Tourism plays a large part in the city's economy and because a strong hospitality infrastructure San Francisco hosts many of the nation's largest industry trade shows.  Some of these shows are so large it would take days to walk the floor and visit every booth.  It is so important to drive traffic to your booth, that is why trade show giveaways are so important to your trade show plans.  Trade show giveaways can be mailed to attendees in a preshow mailing to attract them to your booth during the show.  Call our trade show specialists to discuss ways that you can stand out at your trade show.

Some popular locations for trade shows in the San Francisco area are:

Our company can dropship your promotional product shipments directly to these locations if we are given the proper lead time and instructions. Many trade show management companies prefer to have bigger shipments sent weeks in advanced to the show date. Your trade show packets should also have information needed to include on the labels such as booth number or company account numbers. Our Promotional Products Specialists are well versed in these procedures and are waiting to help you.

It is sometimes easier to ship your promotional products to the hotel, casino or resort you will be staying at. Most of the locations have business offices that can hold your products until you arrive.

Human Resources using Promotional Products in San Francisco, California:
Competition is fierce to attract the highest talent in San Francisco.  Many companies will use promotional products at job fairs as incentives to provide the company with resumes.  HR Departments will also use promotional products and executive gifts as useful tool in safety programs to build awareness of certain liabilities that company can improve on.  Accident Free gifts are also a constructive way to help employees be more safety aware.

Rush Production for San Francisco, California
We have many suppliers located in and around the San Francisco, California area.  Because of this, we are able to produce many Promotional Items and Trade Show Giveaways in as little as 24 to 48 hours.  Even though our product options may be limited give our office a call at 800-923-8878 for product options and turnaround times.  We may able to arrange for you to pick these products up to save on shipping.

For normal turnaround times, we have suppliers located all across the United States, so we can help you pick the perfect products for your event or purposes.

Call 800-923-8878 and speak to one of our Promotional Product Specialists. We are ready to help you!

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