Promotional Products, Trade Show Giveaways and Customer Gifts for New York City, NY imprinted with your custom logo.

New York City is one of the largest cities in the world and has one of the most competitive business markets. How do companies set themselves apart from other companies in such a fierce competitive region? By using promotional products and trade show giveaways!

New York City
You don't have to hire a Madison Avenue advertising agency to be able to market your business effectively in the NYC region. Using promotional items and customer gifts as a main part of your marketing allows you to target your ideal customer both effectively and cost efficiently.

When you close your eyes, what does your ideal client look like? What's on their desk? What are they wearing?  Now imagine your logo and branding on useful items located on those desks, and embroidered on their clothing.
Employee Engagement:
In New York City, with businesses located on the corner of every street, how do you keep the best employees working for you? Promotional items can be used as employee recognition gifts and as thank you gifts for a job well done.  This will help your company retain top shelf talent. Corporate gifts and are great way to build company pride. When your employees are out on sales calls or performing deliveries, make sure that your branding is intact and being worn with pride. If your company is not doing this, then you're losing out on a great and free marketing opportunity.
New York City is also home to hundreds upon hundreds of tradeshows every year. When exhibiting at these shows make sure you do your homework so the show is an investment and not a waste of money. A well thought out promotional trade show giveaway handed out at tradeshows can be a great return on your advertising budget. Sometimes you may have great conversations with prospects at your booth but without a promotional product to hand to them they may go back to their company and forget about the conversation that they had with you. A good promotional giveaway will remind the attendee of the time that was spent with you learning about your company.

It's also a good idea to break your tradeshow giveaways into two groups. The first group are simple, inexpensive handouts that can be given to attendees that are just simply walking the floor and going from table to table. The second group of promotional products should be more expensive, high perceived value items, that can be handed to prospects that you have engaging conversations with at your booth. These promotional products should be reserved for qualified prospects that offer the best chance at providing future sales to your company.

Another tip is when ordering tradeshow items make sure you give us enough time to avoid the rush shipping charges in and provide us with the address of the tradeshow fulfillment company. Many tradeshows will impose penalties for last-minute shipments to their exposition partners. Sometimes it's a smarter choice to provide us with the name and location of the the hotel you are staying at and we will ship it there.
Some popular locations for trade shows in the New York City area are:
  • Jacob K. Javits Convention Center - 655 West 34th Street, New York, NY 10001-1188 
  • Metropolitan Pavilion - 125 West 18 TH Street, New York, NY 10011 
  • New York Piers 92 / 94  - 755 12th Ave. at 55th St., New York NY 10019
  • Hilton New York Hotel - 1335 Avenue of the Americas, New York, New York 10019
  • Crowne Plaza Times Square Manhattan - 1605 Broadway, New York, NY 10019
  • New York Marriott Downtown - 85 West Street at Albany Street, New York 10006 
  • Brooklyn Expo Center - 72 Noble Street, Brooklyn, NY 11222
Our company can dropship your promotional product shipments directly to these locations if we are given the proper lead time and instructions. Many trade show management companies prefer to have bigger shipments sent weeks in advanced to the show date. Your trade show packets should also have information needed to include on the labels such as booth number or company account numbers. Our Promotional Products Specialists are well versed in these procedures and are waiting to help you.
It is sometimes easier to ship your promotional products to the hotel, casino or resort you will be staying at. Most of the locations have business offices that can hold your products until you arrive.
Rush Promotional Product Services and Production Times:
If you need your promotional products produced in a rush, we may be able to help.  We have suppliers that have 24 hour and 48 hour production schedules. We may even be able to schedule a pickup if available. 
For normal turnaround times, We have suppliers located all across the United States, so we can help you pick the perfect products for your event or purposes.
Call 800-923-8878 and speak to one of our Promotional Product Specialists. We are ready to help you! 
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